Video Introduction with Fred Eichhorn

The video introduction is separated into 12 parts and includes an introduction to Fred Eichhorn, his background, and the research and observations of the National Cancer Research Foundation. Each video is titled based on the topics of discussion.

Part 1: Introduction and Fred Eichhorn's Background
Run Time: 10 minutes 12 seconds

Part 2: Simple Single Elemental Factors and "The Molecular Lumberyard"
Run Time: 18 minutes 18 seconds

Part 3: The Design and Results of Chemo and Correcting the Balance
Run Time: 14 minutes 48 seconds

Part 4: The Importance of Food and Diet
Run Time: 10 minutes 44 seconds

Part 5: Farming Methods and Food Preservation
Run Time: 7 minutes 35 seconds

Part 6: Quality of Foods
Run Time: 4 minutes 28 seconds

Part 7: Microwaves and Food Preparation
Run Time: 4 minutes 36 seconds

Part 8: Allergies and Food Awareness
Run Time: 11 minutes 08 seconds

Part 9: The Importance of High Quality Food and Nutrition
Run Time: 8 minutes 21 seconds

Part 10: Injuries and Recovery
Run Time: 9 minutes 50 seconds

Part 11: Alcohol, How Our Immune System Works, Cancer Markers and other Tests
Run Time: 19 minutes 52 seconds

Part 12: The Importance of Accurate Testing and Nerve Pathways
Run Time: 13 minutes 46 seconds