Weight Loss


This program is not designed to specifically lose weight. The weight loss is the result of the correction of many biochemical inter-reactions. Because the nutrition to the cells and nerves are at a better potential, there are reactions that are taking place that were either hindered, altered or prevented as a result of the previous deficiency. When the thyroid operates more efficiently, and the cholesterol is properly utilized, as well as other operational functions, the chemistry that was stored as fat, or chemistry that was inferred as toxins in the body, is now being utilized and taken out of storage to be properly utilized. The weight will generally reduce as a result because the body is starting to function as intended and the domino affect of operational functions will use the chemistry properly, the fuel that was put into storage is now being used.

We have observed many people with weight problems as well as other conditions. During the process of correcting the other problems, the weight reduced as a side effect for most people. A few people decided to take this to lose weight. Not everybody loses weight as a result of this program, many factors need to be considered. It really depends on the individual's biochemical situation.

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