Observations with 1 case

Observations have shown triglyceride levels dropped consistently with cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, not many doctors order triglyceride tests, therefore we do not have the abundance of results like with cholesterol. We encourage these doctors to test triglycerides to provide a better picture of the chemistry. The most severe case we know of was a 38 year old male with total body cancer in March 1998, he was given a month or two to live, he was here to say goodbye to his father. His father brought him to us, he tried the program, had tests after two months, as he was feeling better and was off all pain medication. In that two month period, his triglycerides dropped from 600 to 60, cholesterol dropped from 480 to 140, blood pressure from 143 over 95 to 125 over 60, TSH rose from 0.34 to 1.88, grapefruit sized tumors reduced to the size of walnuts, tumors in his eye were non-detectible. Two months later, he was able to return to work, in September 1998.

Unfortunately, because he was taking the store-bought over the counter pills, 150 pills daily, he could not deal with it. As he felt better, he stopped taking them. In the summer of 2001, the tumors re-occurred and he did not want to start the 150 pills daily again. I was working on developing a version without the fillers on my own that was only 40 pills instead of 150. Unfortunately, he was not interested and passed away in October 2001. I was so upset that I was determined to introduce the capsule version to prevent additional events like this. I introduced the capsule version in December 2001, I only wish that I was able to get it done sooner.

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