This is typical of what we hear:

Dear Fred

For about three years, I had a growth on my thyroid. When it first appeared, I had it checked for cancer. It was benign. There were however, two growths on my thyroid. One had fluid in it and the other was a dried up growth. Although, I became very sluggish and lethargic, the doctors claimed it did not effect my thyroid functioning. The doctors advised that I return for follow-up to make sure things did not change. Then I met Fred and started his vitamin and supplement regime. I took only the maintenance dose as I tend to be a skeptic and didn't want to over do it. Now after about 1 year on the maintenance dose, I can say honestly that my energy level is restored to full level and the growth on my neck is no longer visible to the eye. I haven't gone back to the doctor-but then again I don't feel any need to.

Thank you Fred.

P.S. Also my pH was turning out yellow on the testing strip (very acidic) and is now the highest blue on the alkaline side.

Kind regards,


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