Rheumatoid Arthritis


Dear Fred,

I know you did not expect to hear this, but we had an interesting situation. My mom is in her 80's and does quite well. Her primary problem is that she has had Rheumatoid arthritis many years and her hands were painfully knarled and bent. I started taking the vitamins for my polyps, and she kept asking me whether they would help her. I had no idea, I gave her some to make her happy. Well, she started taking more because her hands were not hurting as much, and her overall feeling improved as well. She was taking dosage one.

After a month, she is now going around showing everyone how her hands and fingers are better than 90% straight compared to before. She is no longer in pain and stopped all pain medications. She is always smiling now and does not complain except for the little stuff. She walks around better now and enjoys going to the mall to window shop, it used to hurt too much to go anywhere, she will be busy this summer.

Lenny 5/ 5/ 02

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