Rheumatoid Arthritis


Jeanne - mid 60's, suffered from RA many years where she could no longer sign her name properly and also had trouble holding items, she could not close her hands and had no feeling in her fingers. She had other joint pain in her body and had trouble walking. Within the hour of starting the program she was able to close her hands better and felt a tingling feeling in two fingers on each hand.

After a few days, the pain was minimal and she was able to close her hands and had most of her feeling returned. Meanwhile, she was able to walk like normal after 1-½ weeks and walks faster and more stable than before. Her husband has seen great improvements over the past week and a half. After two weeks, the swelling on her knuckles on one hand is totally gone and the other hand has reduced swelling. She sleeps very well now and has increased energy and no longer needs a nap in the afternoon.

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