These skin conditions showed almost immediate response to the program. Oozing, red marks and rashes stopped after a few days. Observations show that there is better than 90 - 95% success rate with this program for these conditions. Long term effects showed that the conditions did not return even while on the maintenance dosage one. We chose not to list the numerous people simply because the stories are basically repetitious. They all see a difference within a few days, redness reduces, itch and irritation diminish, they feel better, as well as look better because the intensity reduces.

Over time, the condition clears up totally in almost every case. The few that do not totally diminish would most probably diminish if they took a higher dosage. The wonderful aspect is that the people feel emotionally wonderful. One person cried on the phone for a half hour while talking to me because she was so scared of being disappointed if it did not happen, she was so self-conscious of her skin condition that she lost her self-confidence, she was able to get it back because of this, she is so happy today as a result, She is buying clothes that are attractive and make her feel good now. Many situations like this.

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