Liz's story is in the cervical cancer section. After her cancer was gone, she continued the vitamins. After she was told "No evidence" of cancer on Feb. 17, 1999, she became pregnant in mid March 1999. She had no morning sickness, nor other pregnancy symptoms. She delivered a very healthy baby girl in December 1999. During delivery, Liz did not take any pain reducers of any kind because she had no pains, she only felt pressure. She delivered naturally. Little Liz is now 4 years old. In the 4 years, Little Liz coughed one day for a few hours, and that was it. She is always with other kids and does not get sick. She got the flu just after Christmas 2003, only had light symptoms and it was gone quickly.

UPDATE: 1/24/04 - Excellent - Mom Liz and Little Liz are both doing great and are never sick.

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