This is typical of letters that we receive:

Dear Fred,

I had various problems for many years due to my weight, about 500 pounds. I developed throat polyps, which caused 90% blockage in my throat. The surgeons were not willing to do surgery because I was overweight, with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and low thyroid, amongst other problems. They were afraid that I would die on the table, and if I survived, I would lose my voice box, not a good thought for me. I started Fred's vitamins after Thanksgiving . since then I do not have the polyps anymore, my voice is no longer gravely, my blood pressure is normal (125/70) with out medication, my thyroid is normal, I no longer need Synthroid, my cholesterol is up to normal as well. I have a lot more energy, aches and pains are diminished, and I lost about 70 pounds so far. Overall, I feel great.

Lenny 4/5/02

UPDATE: 1/24/04 - Excellent

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