Bone loss is common with most people as they age. Bone density testing shows that most people with cancer also have osteoporosis, but that does not imply that those with osteoporosis will get cancer. Although we observed that an extremely high percentage of people who had osteoporosis in addition to cancer, these people felt less pain in their bones and over all well being. The first that we were able to document was a women with endometrial cancer, her records show the improvements from severe osteoporosis to normal bone density in almost a years time, she shows no evidence of endometrial cancer either. Her husband had diabetes and orthopedic problems, his osteoporosis has diminished and now shows normal bone density as well, his diabetes is also under good control with no requirement of insulin.

People with bone pain have reduced swelling and pain almost within 2 hours after taking the vitamins, and after 2 days, most have normal and pain free function.

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