Multiple Sclerosis


Sharin, born 1963, has suffered from MS, first symptoms started when she was 20 years old with numbness. Testing in 1983, including a spinal tap, showed negative results. Over the years, as symptoms increased, various tests taken did not reveal MS.

Symptoms became so severe, by 2003, she was Dx on Jan 19, 2003 when an MRI showed positive for MS. Doctors started her on Copaxone on March 1, 2003. as the year progressed, symptoms continued.

When Sharin was introduced and started dosage 4 of the program on December 23, 2003, her symptoms included: Fatigue, Numbness, lack of balance, lack of bowel and bladder control. While walking, she needed help because she could not stay up on her own because she was dizzy, when she closed her eyes while in the shower to wash her hair, she would become dizzy and feel like she was falling, she had severe neuropathy where she could not feel anything, she had cuts or bruises and never knew what she hit.

After 3 weeks on the program, she was quite surprised at how much of an improvement she had: Her balance was better, she had much less fatigue, better bladder and bowel control, and less numbness. She banged her foot and it hurt, she was so excited because that meant that the nerves are working again. She was able to go in the shower and close her eyes without any concern, she maintained full balance at all times. She is no longer dizzy.

Sharin is scheduled for an MRI in late February. She feels great with dramatic improvements and feels confident that her condition will continue to improve. 1/27/04

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