Mental Clarity


We found that many people who take the program for other conditions have found that their Mental Clarity dramatically improved to where they could feel themselves comprehend better and think more rationally. Most reported that they are more stable. They do not react spontaneously like they did in the past. They do not get depressed like in the past, they feel better overall as a whole. This led them to better motivation and better feeling of success with themselves.

We started to inquire to others to see whether this condition as well as others may have improved while taking the program. These same people found that they slept more soundly, slept though the night without interruption, they can think clearly, the mood swings diminish or totally alleviate. Those who are on various medications have been told by their doctors to lower the medication strengths and some are off totally. We are excited by these results because it exemplifies the importance to good nutrition to the body, especially to the nerve cells.

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