Huntington's Disease


Kevin, born 1972, suffered Huntington's many years, and was no longer able to work as a result. His sister, being a nurse, looked into this, and decided that because nothing else worked to help him, this looked like it would be worth trying.

He started the program December 26, 2003. The family was not optimistic because they have seen all other programs fail. After three days, he was feeling better, more alert, more comprehensive, his shaking greatly reduced. After 5 days, he felt so much improvement that he was able to visit his mom as she was in the hospital, which totally shocked his mother, the previous week, it would have been impossible for him to physically get there to see her. When his mom was home again, she saw daily improvements.

Kevin is talking about going back to work again. His brother said that this is the first time that Kevin felt confident enough to feel that he is recovering well enough to go back to work as a carpenter. This is only one month, so, here is not a lot to report.

Kevin is getting his life back to continue as planned. 1/30/04

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