Hepatitis C


Theresa P. and her husband suffered from Hepatitis C for several years before hearing of the Eichhorn program. She has been on the program since August 2000. At one point, her enzyme readings were elevated over 100 points. She now experiences increased energy and hardly ever comes down with a cold. Her blood work also shows that her enzyme readings are now just slightly elevated. Theresa's husband also tried the program for a period of time. His hepatitis C is no longer detectable. She now takes a maintenance dose although she had worked up to dose 3 when her illness was acute. "I love the program", she says, and hopes that taking the vitamins will prevent further liver problems down the line.

Date: 8/15/00 10: 58:57 AM
I got my viral counts back and they are significantly down. From 2,500,000 to 364,000.
So, it is a happy happy day. I am taking Rachel to the park, she wants to feed the ducks at the pond today, it's a beautiful day. Speak to you soon, Teresa

January 25, 2004
Hi Freddie,

I had wanted to wait until I got some labs back until I responded to your request for testimonials.
I got the labs but not good ones: 13 million viral count. Enzymes high both of them 161 and 64 out of range.

I know what happened is that after the interferon mess I wanted that stuff out of my body ASAP. I did a purification program and there were a lot of B vitamins involved. You had warned us that B, K and pill form of C would make our condition worse and could cause the virus to grow, but I didn't listen, so now I'll have to recoup from that. I owe you big time but I will be paying you back and ordering more vitamins in the near future. For now I'm just buying as many of the vitamins as I can at discount houses.

You said to mention what has worked and what has not, well before I went on interferon and was just taking the vitamins, my levels were holding at a 500,000 viral load and one enzyme was slightly out of range. I went on interferon for three weeks and I was in such excruciating pain in my back, because of arthritis, that I had to stop treatment and go on PT for a month to get my back, back in working order. My viral load had risen to 5 million AFTER the interferon. I went on the purification program in March 2003 and got labs back last Thurs.1/22/04 that were bad and I wonder how much worse they were in April but I've been back taking my vitamins for months now and feel really good! I don't feel sick. I'm getting ready to start another semester at college, Freddie, I don't feel sick. Everyone around me has gotten a really bad colds or the flu this last winter, but not me!!!!!! Sometimes I'd feel a tiny bit of a cold coming on and take a full strength, fourth level, and it would be gone, bye-bye!!! I have not felt any depression since August. I'll be okay Fred now that I'm through messing around. Love you man, you and your lady Laura are the best!

I also want to add that Rachel, my 12 year old daughter with ADHD, would and has benefited from these vitamins but she refuses to take them regularly and won't take the shake. I love the taste of the shake but she does not. Like you said though, she may realize how beneficial they are for her when she gets older.

Love, Theresa P.

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