Heart Conditions


A video of Cesar's son discussing Cesar Sr.'s story can be seen in the Video Testimonials section.

Double Carotid Artery Blockage 90% & 95% - 3 strokes 2 heart attacks


Cesar, born 1923, had 2 heart attacks in 2001, then triple colon cancer in January 2002, Flushing Hospital gave him 45 days (at best) to live at that time. He refused all conventional treatment (refused surgery, 5FU and radiation) he did get colostomy.

He started mineral program January 2002, and was documented "No Evidence" as of June 2002. Additionally, cardiac issues resolved with no residual problems. However, he stopped the program the fall of 2003, as he decided that he was cured and no longer needed it.

On the week of March 25, 2004, he suffered 3 strokes and 2 heart attacks, Dr. Batoon at Flushing Hosp declared him totally brain dead with no activity and that he would pass that night. He did not die, April 9, he went to a nursing home. On April 15, Dr. Wahid agreed to install a feeding tube and Jr. gave him 10 - 15 doses daily. April 20, Jr. called to tell me that Sr. was pinching the nurses. Talking normal by April 24. By April 29, he went home because he regained almost everything back to normal: speech, comprehension, eyesight, gag-reflex, eating, etc.

Feeding tube came out in mid May 2004. He ate on his own without difficulty, no coughing. He did not re-gain his use of the left arm back and because he had two carotid artery blockages; 90% in one and 95% in the other originally, which were reduced to 80% and 85%, we needed a surgeon to take it out.

The doctors he dealt with, including the visiting doctor, all state that he is the only person they ever saw recover from "totally brain dead", they're afraid to perform surgery because they have absolutely no idea what to expect.

Jr was able to wean Sr off all medications and all vitals were middle - line normal, BP was always stable at 130/64 and pulse ranged between 60 - 74. All his bodily functions were fine.

Due to their financial stress, we gave them the minerals at no cost, I did not want to see him die. In January, 2005 he ran out, he was too embarrassed to tell me, we immediately sent it to him but he was out of it over a week, BP went up to 280+, and pulse 200. The minerals arrived. While the visiting doctor was there, he monitored and documented a stroke in progress, during that, Jr. started the minerals, and this doctor watched the stroke regress and diminish. He did lose some muscle tone as a result, but everything else restored and he was eating normally in two days. A portable radiology tech came, they documented that he still had no evidence of any cancer anywhere in his body.

Again, he ran out last Friday, February 4. On Monday, BP was 245/114 and pulse was 174. The visiting doctor refused to come when called because he had no idea why Sr. stayed alive, he was confused and wanted no part of it, and no interest to learn from it.

The Minerals arrived on Tuesday, February 8. After getting the minerals in him, BP dropped to 180/90, then 150/ 85 and after a short while, he stabilized at 130/64 again with low pulse again, and been fine since.

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