Fungus - Nail, Toe


Cesar, late 40's initially took the program for glaucoma in April 2002, which showed dramatic pressure reduction within the first month, from a previous mid 20's with medication to 15 without medication after 3 months.

Meanwhile, he had been taking Lamosil for 3 years prior to starting the program for fungal infections. The Lamosil caused bleeding and hemorrhaging and did not help the toe fungus and the fungus had been spreading, the nails turned black.

Upon starting the program, the glaucoma pressure reduced, the nails turned from black to yellow and started to clear up, the bleeding also stopped. He stopped the Lamosil altogether after a few weeks, the skin cleared up and the hemorrhaging from the Lamosil stopped.

His numerous conditions seemed to clear up, and he felt better over all.

Previously, he had a history of severe prostate problems 8 years ago. After a while, he realized he was able to urinate better with less struggle or frustration and that his enlarged prostate felt as though it had reduced to what seemed normal, it is difficult to determine without an exam.

In April 2002, his BPH showed improvements. He had an exam 6 weeks after starting the program, which revealed that the hardness of the prostate became soft and normal small size again. The pain was totally diminished. Urination improved as time continued, normal after a few more months. He has no evidence of any related problems at this time.

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