Laurie, in her early 40's, was stricken with Fibromyalgia. She had difficulty walking and required help. To up any stairs, she needed to hold onto the rail and have someone help stabilize her as she slowly moved rigidly, one movement at a time. It was a long process. Consequently, it was rare that she would go up the stairs. She also had multiple pains in her body, limiting her movements.

Her family came to see us, her father, mother, brother and her 16 year old daughter. After about 2 - 3 hours, her father and I went up to the second floor to the printing room. After a few minutes, she came walking in to see what we were doing, she was by herself, nobody had helped her. He was surprised and said, "How did you get up those stairs?" She looked back at the stairs and said, "Oh, yeah did." She did not even realize it. Her daughter was yelling up the stairs, "mom, how did you get up here?" Obviously, they were all excited by this. Her overall body pain had reduced.

As time continued, she eventually no longer has any evidence of body pain nor Fibromyalgia. I am sure that she probably has some but not a noticeable amount. Over time we anticipate that it will resolve itself completely, as others have found to happen. Prior to seeing us, she was scheduled to see a doctor regarding her pain. Her brother called a few days after the scheduled appointment. She did not go to the appointment because she had no pain.

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