Carolyn, middle aged, was referred to us from a cancer survivor. Carol did not have an extreme illness. She did have the typical fatigue, joint aches, pains and high cholesterol. She started with dosage one of the program in July 2003. She felt a lot more energy and did not get tired, but her cholesterol did not go down much. We told her the reason was because she was on a maintenance dosage and that would show slow results regarding cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many other more complicated conditions.

She stopped the program in October 2003 and tried various other type vitamins, only to find out after a few more months that they did not perform as well. She started this program again a few weeks ago and immediately felt the increased energy and overall improved feeling. In the comparison, she was able to feel a dramatic difference. She is going to take a higher dosage to work on the cholesterol.


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