Drug Addiction


Thomas S - August 2001

I am writing to you about Fred Eichhorn and I think you will believe he is different from other people and has something that nobody else has. I want to tell you my story how he got me off drugs and changed my life. Maybe if you understand what he is doing you might believe that supporting him is the best thing we can do for everyone.

I am now 30 years old, before I tried Fred Eichhorn's program I was not successful in stopping a 15 year cocaine/crack addiction. I went to rehabilitation centers and their success was always temporary, I was on the drugs again in a short time. Sometimes I was addicted beyond control, I had two heart attacks from overdosing.

My parents are good friends with Fred since 1991. They tried to give me the vitamins he uses because I lost so much weight, I was 125 pounds and 5'-11". I tried to take the vitamins to help me from being sick. After a few days, I was able to notice that the craving was not as strong for the coke and took less. After a few more days, I was no longer interested in the drugs and was happy because I was no longer addicted and realized I was able to feel better and eat like normal again. I stayed on the vitamins for 6 months and never had a slip during that time period, I also never had any cravings and realized that I beat it.

After 6 months of being drug free, I was gaining weight and regaining my life, I knew I was cured. I was so proud that I decided to celebrate by declaring myself cured and stopped taking the vitamins. After a few months, I found myself being interested again and eventually I started the drugs again in March 2000. My mom was freaking out. I went back to the rehabilitation clinic again and they tried their withdrawal program. Nothing seemed to work except methadone. Mom called Fred again because she forgot the formula.

When Fred sent the formula, he made it clear that I could not change the amounts and that I had to stick to what he wrote. Mom went to the store and bought everything. I took them before I went to sleep. I slept through until 1:00 in the afternoon, when I woke up, I did not have any craving at all, I felt fine, overnight, that is the honest truth. After that, I knew I had to stick to it. Now, when I get up in the morning, I mix the vitamins for the day when I make breakfast and I have not touched any drugs since June. In May, there were a few times when I did not take the vitamins for a few days and found myself looking for the drugs. With the program Mr. Eichhorn created, I am totally drug free and I can do whatever I want with out fear of a craving.

Mr. Eichhorn has told me that your friends were going to loan him the money to buy a hospital and the wellness center. I wanted to work there and go to college to be a counselor, and many other people were hoping to volunteer their time to make it work until more money was available. Other doctors wanted to move their practices there. We are creating fundraising programs to create awareness and more forms of donation. I have been in 12 different types of rehabilitation centers. Mr. Eichhorn's program is the only one that works 100%. Does your friend realize that nobody else in the world is able to do this? I think that they should think again and see that this man can get rid of cancer in most people, save people's lives and get rid of drug addiction. He can do all three things and nobody else can do even one of those things. I think that if your friends can get Mr. Eichhorn started, they will open the doors to help many people around the world and then many more people can help by donating money to help and that money will help pay back your friends.

Please ask your friends to really look at this. I am now a clean-cut self respecting man who is proud to be successful and willing to make a difference in my life and also to help others to do the same. There are many people here who have been given the same ability because of Mr. Eichhorn.

To me, that is better credibility than any country could have, he will be better respected and more trustworthy than the president of the United States.

Yours truly,
Thomas S

UPDATE: 4/3/03 - Tom has been totally drug-free since Jan 1, 2000. He was seeing Melissa for a few years. She told him that if he remained drug-free for two years, she would marry him. He did stay drug-free and they got married Feb 16, 2002. He is still doing well and sends others with the same problem to us, Joey is one of them. They are so proud of their accomplishments. We also give Melissa great credit for sticking with Tom and for being so supportive.

UPDATE: 3/3/04 - Continues to enjoy a great marriage, great career and a drug-free life.

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