Drug Addiction


Darran had been a cocaine addict 19 years, almost died a few times, failed 15 rehab programs, lost everything he had. When he would go to pay his workers at a known crack house where the workers lived, if he had extra money, he spent whatever he had leftover and left broke. His friend brought him to us in October 3, 2002. He started on a Monday and by Friday, he had to pay his workers again, he went in, paid them and walked right out without any interest in the drugs. In addition, he had reduced from 4 packs of cigarettes down to 1 ½ in that period of time. He was extremely happy and clean for a couple of months until he stopped taking the vitamins in January because he felt so well that he decided he did not need them. He started to slip in late February, and never showed interest to start the vitamins again.

Unfortunately, we have heard that he returned to the friends of his drug life and resumed that lifestyle, we were very sad because we do know that those who stop the vitamins totally tend to revert back to the addiction, once they realize their situation and restart the program their addiction stops almost immediately. They need support to go on. Hard love is most important. More importantly, they need to focus on their strength to get over it. His family helped help as much as possible, many many times. but he abused and burnt them, they can no longer trust him. It was a shame because his family bent over backwards to help him. If he was able to restructure his life and stay away from the negatively influencial group of "friends" he might be able to get his life back together. We encourage people in this type situation to move to a different location in a positive setting to start their life over in a good area and start making new friends with more strict guidelines. This helps to prevent temptation to fall and eliminates the negative influence.

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