Down's Syndrome


Little Joey was born with Down Syndrome. We went to visit his mother on Labor Day 2003. She showed me her 3 year old, Joey, he had Down's Syndrome with 6- 8 month development and he was the size of an 8 month old.

Joey's activities were limited to crawling around, smiling and drooling. He had the typical thickened tongue and moon-face. He was a happy baby.

She started him with the program with her pediatrician's guidance to monitor everything. Long story short, after 5 weeks, he was standing, walking, and was able to say "Moma", "Papa", and "Baba", in both French and English, as the mother is French. After another week, he showed increased activity and was more attentive to his mother. After ten weeks, his vocabulary is much greater, about 12 words, not sure of the clarity of speech. They also reported that the tongue thickness reduced and the moonface is diminishing.

At this time, we are getting a specific hospital to monitor the baby and try some others who are willing after they see a 6 month review of progress.

We find this absolutely exciting.


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