Mark is in his early 50's, he has been diabetic about 10 years. He had a terrible time with avoiding sweet foods with-in eyesight or smell. If cake, donuts, or cookies were in the house, he could not resist it. He had to have it. He started the vitamin program in January 2003, after 2 weeks, he no longer craved the sweet foods, he lost some weight and his blood sugar dropped to where he reduced his insulin intake because his sugar was stable in middle normal range of 85 - 95 average. What impressed him more was the fact that he lost the craving for sweets, he could sit at the table with cake, donuts, or cookies sitting in front of him, yet, he would grab a piece of fruit instead, and had no interest in any sweets. So far, he is maintaining good health as a result with no need for oral insulin anymore.


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