Darleen's 16 year old daughter had been suffering from juvenile diabetes, she was frequently hospitalized because her blood sugar levels would often spike to 600 or 1,000. she was quite upset by all this.

She started this program on August 15, 2003 at dosage 3. in two weeks, her numbers were ranging between 112 - 132, in two more weeks, her number ranged between 75 - 92. she was quite happy about all this.

After a while, she felt so good that she stopped the program, only to learn that her sugar levels crept up again. She maintains between dosage 1 and 3, depending on what she is eating.

If she is on dosage 3, she learned that she does not need to be careful of any sugar and most type foods are OKAY to eat. As long as she takes the vitamins, her sugar levels are great.

UPDATE: 1/22/04 - Excellent

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