Al , 68, diabetic at least 25 years, with full neuropathy. In 1990, he had quad by-pass. January 2002, testing revealed 90% blockage in arteries. At Easter, he decided to try vitamins because he wanted to see if it would help him and therefore convince his 40 year old daughter with her diabetes. June 11, he no longer required any insulin, his sugar levels were great, his neuropathy was 90% diminished, his energy, ability and function was restored beyond expectation.

He became active again, and recent testing revealed that his blockage has reduced from 90% to between 75 - 80% in this short time. He had hurt himself while trimming bushes, severely slashed his leg at the shin. He healed up in a few days and was fine as though it never happened, there was minimal pain, the doctor was puzzled because it healed beyond expectations. His color and attitude improved, he is happier and does not argue as often as he used to, and he is happier over all.

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