Cysts & Fibroids


Toni, 52 years old. About mid January 2003, she had ovarian cysts large and swollen, it was too painful to walk, she cried and was reluctantly willing to accept having a radical hysterectomy. I asked her to try the program for a few days before the surgery to see whether it would help her, and that if she decided on the surgery after a few days, at least the vitamins would help her to heal. Three of her close friends were surgeons, they each came to her in effort to convince her to have the surgery, explaining that nothing will relieve that pain and nothing will shrink the cysts, they all added that if the cyst bursts, she may die. She was quite scared by all this. She decided to take the vitamins, and agreed to schedule surgery in a week. The very next day, she felt better, was able to walk with less pain, not pain free, but less pain.

After a few days, she had minimal pain and decided to postpone the surgery and wait to see how she felt, the doctors were quite annoyed and felt she was jeopardizing her life, we did not influence her decision either way. After a week, she returned to her work as a sculptor, using a hammer and chisel did not aggravate her pain. Over the months, the pain continued to lessen, after three months, her doctors agreed that she no longer needed the surgery. Earlier, she reduced to dosage one and after a few weeks, she started to have pain again. She went for a PET scan and it showed that the size reduced from 5.5 CM to 4.5 CM. the doctors were impressed because she was taking a low dosage. Upon increasing the dosage, the pain went away and she was fine again.

UPDATE: 1/22/04 - she refused to take more than dosage one, over time the cysts returned, she went for surgery in October 2003. She resisted all efforts to help her, that's the way it is.

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