Cysts & Fibroids


Lisa - 43 had a breast cyst since she was 16 years old, in addition to a recent colon polyp, borderline high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and constant illnesses and joint pain due to viruses and low immunity. Started late summer of 2002, had some allergy to the vitamins but after reduced dosage, allergy resolved. After a few months, the breast cyst is reduced, blood pressure is reducing gradually, the depression and anxiety are greatly reduced, no joint pain or virus or related symptoms since starting the vitamins, even at the low dosage.

Dear Fred,

I heard of your vitamin program last summer (2002) when I found out I had a colon polyp. My chiropractor recommended this program highly and said that she was getting wonderful results. I started the program before and continued after my colonoscopy. The polyp was removed but I wanted to take measures to prevent it from coming back. I do have problems with allergies, both food and environmental so I found after taking the vitamins after five to six weeks that I was having some reactions such as itching and hives. I cut back on the dosage from three times a day to ½ a dose and I am no longer experiencing any reactions. I have been on the program now about 8 months and I am discovering changes, some subtle, some obvious. For example, I have a cyst in my breast since I was 16 years old, it has reduced in size (I am now 43 years old). My blood pressure had a tendency to be borderline high, it is reducing gradually and I am sure it will continue to do so. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years, but I notice that my moods are more stable, I worry less and I feel calmer. I work in New York City and commute on the Long Island Rail Road, I always picked up whatever was going around, virus after virus, every few weeks, my symptoms would include joint pain. My last episode was this past fall, but I have not been sick since. I do feel from time to time like I am coming down with something, but it seems to pass quickly-and no more joint pains. I am continuing to improve and will try to increase my dosage gradually as I need it.

Thanks Fred!


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