Cysts & Fibroids


Dear Fred,

I received your card and Newsletter. I was very happy to read all of the good things happening for you & family.

Previously, a scan was done on Jan 19, 2004, a D & C was done Jan 28, 2004. On Feb 5, 2004, Dr. Jean diagnosed that I had uterine fibroids in the uterus wall and left ovarian cysts, bleeding & clotting, suggested a hysterectomy.

A second scan was done on March 25, 2004, which showed no change in sizes of fibroids or cysts, however, heavy bleeding and clotting continued.

In May 2004, Dr. Kenul told me about your work, I first came to see you on June 12, 2004, I brought my scans and blood work with me. The next day, I decided to start at dosage 3, it helped me very much. July 2, we went on a boating vacation for 7 days, there was "NO BLEEDING" !!! during August 2004, there was sporatic spotting, no pressure, no clots, I did not miss any days of work the entire summer.

Sept 9, 2004 Dr. Jean did a full internal exam. The fibroids - almost none were palpable and no sign of any cysts. He was surprised. He then told me that if I can live with the spotting, he'll see me in April 2005.

I will keep you updated. Thank you so much,


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