Cholesterol and Eczema - Mr. D had been on Lipitor for 3 years for cholesterol problems, a patch of severe eczema for many years and swelling near his shoulder blade. After 2 weeks at level 4, the eczema and swelling both disappeared entirely and after 3 months, the cholesterol was within normal both limits without Lipitor. A line of moles that had been on his neck for over 30 years have reduced in size by 50% after the 3 month period and they seem to be continuing to reduce in size. Additionally, Mr. D reports that for the last 10-15 years he had been unable to sleep for more than 5-6 hours per night and is now able to sleep as much as 7 hours when desired.

Most people who have had cancer also have cholesterol problems and were usually on Lipitor or something similar to reduce the cholesterol levels. We found by accident that these people who took the program for either cancer or other reasons also noticed that their cholesterol reduced to the point where their doctors told them to either reduce the amount of Lipitor or that they could stop taking it because of the normal levels and other chemistry showed equally good reports. If you look at the documentations or read the letters, you will read where they discuss the cholesterol levels improving.

People who took the program for non-cancerous conditions also found similar results.

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