Chemical Poisoning


Jane was exposed to chemical poisoning

Due to damage to the lungs, she was not able to breathe without discomfort and also had numerous allergies, she was tired all the time. Her lungs were damaged and she did not absorb more than a very low percentage of acceptable range. She needed an inhaler often similar to asthmatic conditions.

When she started the program in February 2003, she was only able to take ½ of one capsule daily. However, that one ½ capsule helped her like dosage 3 would to an average person. Her toxic feelings diminished greatly and her asthmatic symptoms declined greatly, she only needed the inhaler once in a while.

She has returned to work and she does not suffer the allergies from the air conditioned system in the building, dust and hairs no longer bother her. She is happier as a result of the program. Within reason, she can now live her life as she did prior to the chemical poisoning.

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