I'm the very proud parent of 8 year old boy, Sam. Sam is a very bright, sweet boy. Since kindergarten, teachers noticed that Sam had problems relating to other children and very often he would prefer to be alone, along with other behaviors like not understanding non verbal communication. We thought that having siblings a lot older was part of the reason. With time, Sam started to display other behaviors, like a very high level of anxiety that most of the time would bring to a meltdown(anything would start it, and the worst part is that no matter how I handle it, reassuring him, calming him, nothing would work). Most of the time, I would walk away crying.

Sam also developed a fixation over certain things, it was extreme compared to just having a particular interest.

Another problem we encountered with Sammy was with his motor skills. For a very long time, we tried in vane to teach him to ride the bicycle, even with the training wheels, Sammy had a very hard time, he could not do it. Sammy could not catch or throw a ball, despite the many times his brothers tried to help him.

On August 2005, he was diagnosed with Asperser's Syndrome (high functioning Autism) and was recommended to take 3 different medications: Ritalin, Seroquil and another one which I do not remember the name. I did not want to put my son on these drugs that would just mask somewhat his symptoms(ritalin is 99% molecularly similar to cocaine).

A month later we met Fred. Sam started to take a mineral/vitamins program (Sam's favorite flavor is chocolate). Within a very short time, I saw a big change in Sam.

After trying for years to teach him, Sam finally is riding his bicycle, WITHOUT training wheels.

Now Sam plays football with his brothers. They can't believe it either, how well is throwing and catching the ball.

Just recently he started playing hockey, he loves it and expressed the desire to join a team just like his older brother.

Also, Sam 's anxiety diminished greatly. Meltdowns do not occur as often as they used to, and they do not last as long either. Definitely, Sammy is a lot calmer.

I can 't really explain in words the feeling that I have from seeing my son accomplishing so much, especially after experiencing so much pain. I know that meeting with Fred and starting his program has been a lifesaver for my son.

Thank you, Fred and Lora for the great work and for all you have done for my family!

Best to both of you!!
Sincerely, Rossana

Nov 11, 2005

Hello Fred, thank you very much for your email! I just wanted to let you know about something else about Sammy. Few days ago a friend was over and suddenly Sammy (who was sitting down and reading) told her: "My life changed forever since Sept.13th!" My friend asked why and his reply was : " On Sept 13th I started taking the mineral program". Besides the fact that he made such statement, which sounded more like a statement from a much older child .I could not believe that he recorded the exact day that he started the program!!

He's doing also really well in school and started playing football with is older brothers. They can't believe how well is catching and throwing the ball (things that he was not doing before). I can't thank you enough for all of your help. I always tell people about you and always tell them about Sammy accomplishments. Priceless. I also started taking the drink and feel a great increase of energy. We will see you soon! Please say hello to Lora and Mark.

Sincerely, Rossana

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