This is about my 7 years old son who has Autism (Asperser's Syndrome), ADHD and autism. His grandfather was taking the vitamins for his Parkinson's disease, and my little son saw how grandpa was improving, he was interested as well. We gave him 5 pills daily to see how he would do because we saw the improvements in my dad. In 5 days, we saw that my son was more calm and attentive, his attention span was better and he was able to have a conversation with me that made sense. I am so excited by this, and I do not want to get false hopes. We will know after some time whether he further improves, this is only a week so far.


UPDATE: A sound therapist also worked with him, with combination of these therapies, his doctor wrote on his summer report that he no longer has Asperser's syndrome, autism, nor anything related anymore. He is now a normal kid who went to regular school in September 2003. He was having behavioral problems, however, his comprehention is now normal and his efforts to correct his behavior is promisingly good. He enjoys the sports and interactions with his peers and has interest in his life now. Needless to say, his parents are "EXTREMELY HAPPY". They have their son back !!!

UPDATE:2/27/04 - Excellent, he continually improves daily.

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