Sheila came to us in early June 2003. Her husband and father helped her to get out of the van, and hooked up her oxygen tube to her nose, otherwise, she would not be able to breath and walking would wear her out. She walked 20 feet to the house and had to rest. Then, as she came into the house, she walked 10 feet to the bathroom, when she came out, she walked to the living room, sat down and had to spend a few minutes to catch her breath again.

After talking about 30 minutes, she had dosage one. A half hour later, she subconsciously took the oxygen tubes off her nose and put it down, as she did not need it. 20 minutes later, she went to the bathroom again, when she got back, she needed a minute to catch her breath again but never put the oxygen back on again. 20 minutes later, when we were finished, she got up, shook my hand and walked out the front door and got into the van with no help. Her husband was confused and chased her saying, "Hey, you forgot your oxygen. " He put the oxygen tank in the car and they went home. She later told us that she has not used the tank since that time.

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