Darleen, had an understandably extreme nervous breakdown 7 years ago after her 17 year son was killed in a car accident back then, he was a passenger in the car. We find this to be such a sad tragedy because he was so young, and to lose a son like that is something that words cannot describe and no person can properly comprehend or understand unless they have been through it themselves. We understand as best as we can and try to provide comfort with sincerity.

As a result of this tragedy, she had anxiety attacks often, plus, she had psoriasis, eczema, rashes, weight gain. When she got into the driver's seat of a car, when she put her foot on the brake pedal, she froze and could not release her foot off the brake pedal. The emotional trauma was sad.

We only met Darleen because another family member needed our help, and we learned of this situation while helping the family member. So, Darleen wanted to try the program to see if it would help her.

After 2 weeks, her anxiety was extremely reduced, not gone, but extremely reduced. The psoriasis was almost totally gone, as were the rashes and eczema. She was happy to tell us that she lost a few pounds without trying.

The most exciting news was that the day before, she was able to drive the car from where it was parked in front of the garage back down to the street, a 50 foot length, and back up to the garage door. She was able to do this and this was a great accomplishment. She felt absolutely wonderful about herself.

After a few more weeks, she drove with her husband to a friend's house 2 miles away and back. Today, she is now able to drive all over the place without a problem, and she no longer has her anxiety problems, and she no longer jumps when things surprise her unexpectedly. She is very calm today in the same way that she was before the tragedy.

Our hearts will always be with Darleen because we know that she will have her internal feelings, but we are glad that we were able to help her to resolve her anxiety to adjust better to the situation.


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