Mike - early 50's, suffered from severe allergies for most of his adult life, which progressed to the point that he suffered from asthma, needed to use an inhaler to breathe several times a day, and suffered frequent colds, which would often progress into pneumonia, sinus infections, or bronchitis. Although he shows no symptoms of the Hepatitis virus, his immune system seems to have been weakened, especially when he has chronic colds and fatigue. Upon his daughter's urging, he started dose 1 of the program and gradually increased to dose 2.

After a few weeks, he noticed positive changes. He didn't need his inhalers quite as often and breathing seemed easier. After he finished his supply of vitamins and cod liver oil, he stopped taking them for a week. "All of my symptoms returned within a few days. My sinuses are inflamed and I can't breathe again. At first, I wasn't quite sure if they were helping or not, but now I'm positive! Please send me some more. I can't go without them again." Mike's daughter now keeps after him to take his vitamins regularly. Even his coworkers have noticed a difference in his congestion and breathing and remind him to take his vitamins!

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