Hepatitis "C", ADHD and Manic Depression
Subj: Outstanding Progress Date: 5/15/00 1:06:55 PM Eastern Daylight lime
To: FEichhom

Hi Fred, I am writing to let you know the outstanding progress that my daughter is having with the vitamins on her ADHD. I admit that I didn't think anything could help a girl that is diagnosed at a 93% hyperactivity from E-coli sepsis infecting her brain at 27 days old. You know that I am just glad that she is alive. Very difficult to deal with, but alive. You know that I went on the vitamins for my Hep-C and when I told you about Rachel, you had said that this vitamin therapy can help many situations. It was worth a try, I said, it couldn't hurt. The worst that could happen is that she would stay the same. She takes 60 mg. of Ritalin a day and Risperadal (anti-psychotic) and Clomdine (to lower her blood pressure so she can go to sleep). All of these are very dangerous drugs and they weren't even working very well any more she was failing in school (third grade), she was either screaming mad or in a hysterical laughter running up and down the hail slamming into the wails to stop herself. I asked her Dr. to prescribe a tranquilizer gun because it took too long for her meds to take effect by mouth.

Today, three weeks on and off (taking a break due to stomach upset) the vitamins are helping. Her dosages of meds. actually work again. She is off the anti-psychotic. She was able to finish all her work at school, she tries to explain it, she says," I don't know, just all of a sudden I got faster." We know that the neuro connections are the thing that is faster. And mostly, I'm calmer from the vitamins and am more suited for the task. I'm a better mother, what a wonderful mothers day gift, Fred. I thank you and I thank my god for leading me to you. We will continue and now I know that things can only get better.
With much love,

To: Feichhorn Date 10/11/00 1:43:39AM Eastern Daylight lime

Hi Freddie,

Just wanted to let u know that Rachel has reduced her medications by more than half and we are thinking about putting her on something other than Ritalin. She's doing real good. There always seems to be some emotional strain on the poor thing though. My sister just left for Iowa with Rachel's cousin and she is really close to her. We all are pretty pissed at my sister (except for mom, of course) Rachel isn't doing really well in school though, I guess I'm going to have to watch her homework closer. Ya know it seems odd, too, because I worked with her during the summer and she was figuring percentages. I don't think she gets enough of a challenge. We are hoping for this Prop. 38 to pass out here so we can take our 4000 and put our kids in private schools. Hope you like the card. We sure do appreciate you and are grateful for you in our lives.
Hugs, Teresa and Rachel

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