I thought you'd like to read the response from the mom of a 9 year old girl with ADHD and learning disabilities. They came to us in September, as the school did not want to deal with her because she was so troublesome. The girl is soooo cute and adorable, and she knew she had a problem and wanted help.

This is a great letter. I get so excited when I read these type letters, I hope you do too.

Fred Eichhorn

Hi Fred,

I just wanted to share with you that I think the turning point has finally arrived for Jaclyn. Steve couldn't remember for sure, but he thought he told you the story last week about Jaclyn hitting the boy in the playground and accepting the consequences only to come home and tell us exactly why she hit him.

I went back to the school and told them her version of the story including the part where she feels she was wronged by one of the teacher aides. Not only was I apologized to, but Jaclyn received all of her privileges back. I spoke with the school psychologist for nearly an hour listening to her tell me how remarkable the change in Jaclyn has been since she returned in September.(Remember when we met!)

She went on to comment how clear her speech has become and how clearly she can now express her thoughts. It is necessary for them to make immediate changes to her behavior plan because the one from last year does not apply any longer. We may also be looking forward to a new classroom setting for the next school year.

All the good things that are finally happening for her and how good she feels, now we will really see her story start to unfold.

Thanks for encouraging me to hang in there. I think we are starting to see the benefit!

Thanks again for everything.

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