A family with 3 boys, all with ADHD, ages 14, 18, 21. The parents were struggling with the frustration. They were not doing well in school, the oldest son went through a dozen jobs in a 2 year period, and had a nasty depressed attitude. The parents knew that he could not focus, but he did not care about it either, he was with a bad crowd of friends, with the alcohol cigarettes, etc. He felt a difference after a day or so, he found he was not having difficulty with comprehension, he understood what was said to him better, he slept better and woke up feeling rested instead of waking up tired and depressed.

After a few weeks, he found that he was not as argumentative and was more calm and even-tempered. Meanwhile, a year later, he still has the same job, likes his job, gets along with the family again. There was a point where he stopped, after about 3 weeks, he felt the original feelings creeping back again and he was able to feel the loss of comprehension, he said it was a scary feeling. He got himself back on the maintenance dosage, he felt better and resumed his positive feeling and attitude.

His brothers were not as inclined to take the program, they took it once in a while, but were watching to see how their brother responded to it, as they saw how it helped him, they realized that it would help them too, so, they incrementally started it and after they felt the difference, they knew it was going to help them, so, they took it as he did. There are positive improvements, some faster and slower than others.

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