Uterine Cancer


Theresa, born 1955, was diagnosed with Endometrial/Uterine cancer in May 2003. Because this type cancer is prevalent in all females of her family, she decided to do all options. Although we strongly disagreed, it is not our place to convince or deter a person's choice in treatment, we can only support their decision and provide our help if they request it.

She wanted to take the vitamins, we attempted to get her started on the program before any other treatment started in effort to boost her immunity and improve the environment for the other treatments to become more effective, and possibly show tumor reduction before the other treatment began, with hopes that she would give this a chance before she started the conventional treatment. However, her doctors warned her not to touch it because they did not understand it and they also had no interest in knowing what it was either.

After she had her radical hysterectomy, she started the vitamins and remarked that she felt great. When she started radiation therapy, the radiology oncologist knew of the program and he encouraged it, as he saw great results in the past. She took the program while taking the chemo program and did very well, her oncologist was happy. After all her chemo, her hair thinned out but she did not lose it all, and she felt fine throughout, her oncologist was very pleased with the results. At this point in time, she has one more scheduled treatment and has full energy with no adverse symptoms.


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