Renal Cancer


Dear Fred,

My father has been on his nutritional program for 8 months and has been doing FANTASTIC!! He has rectol-colon cancer and he is just about in remission. I can't thank you enough for your nutritional program and how wonderful you all have been when they call you and your wife.

My sister-in-law wants the information for the nutritional program. She knows how great my father is doing and wants to get the program for her husband. He has been to Sloan Kettering in NY and they say he has ( I know the spelling is off) Mesothelioma. The cancer cell in inside the lung on the lining of the wall. They say they can't do anything until it comes outside the lung. He has a terrible cough. They both would like to try the program. I would appreciate if you could send them something on how to order them. She doesn't have a computer so I said I would ask for her.

Thank you for everything!

Lori 7-12-03

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