Prostate Cancer


Freddy & Jen:

I just got my PSA and other blood work today and my PSA went down 3.2 points from 20.9 on 3/6/02 to 17.7 on 3/28/02. While this is amazing in itself, I did something stupid that made this number probably higher than it really is as my blood was drawn less than ten minutes after my doctor did the DRE (Digital Rectal Exam). My Testosterone is in the normal range at 328 and my PAP remains normal at 1.8 !!!

This is amazing!!! I am on cloud nine!! I attribute it all to the vitamins!!! I am getting another series of blood tests towards the end of the week to confirm also without the DRE.

Regards, and thank you so much.


To sum up:
No PC-SPES since 02/26/02. Last Catherization to Urinate 3/9/02
Cancelled Laser Surgery scheduled for 3/12/02 on 3/11/02 with my Urologist's Blessing
Less straining to urinate since 3/8/02 getting better everyday - no straining at all now
Reduced 2 caps/day of Flomax to 1 cap/day 3/25/02, reduced to NO Flomax 4/01/02
Getting up less during the night 1 to 2 times now versus 3 to 6 times 3 weeks ago.
Able to empty my bladder much better at every urination.
I am urinating better than I have in over two years!
All body functions have returned to normal.
My PSA is going down
My PAP remains normal.

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