Prostate Cancer


John - Dx Oct 1999 - stage 4, mets to bone. Refused all conventional treatments. By March 2000, PSA was as high as 364 and doubled every other month. He was living on pain killers for the bone mets in his spine and hips, chiropractic treatments helped at that time.

During the 22 months that he took PC-SPES, bone pain diminished and PSA remained 4.9 or less. In early 2001, he gradually decreased his PC-SPES dosage to 8 caps daily in Dec 2001. After PC SPES was no longer available, PSA rose to 62.9 in May 2002. He started PC Plus in May 2002, PSA was 112, and he experienced severe back pain, more frequent urination and edema.

Although no scans were performed, doctors attributed the symptoms to "a tumor pressing on the scapula."

In May 2002, John started his nutritional program and reported that his edema reduced significantly within a couple of weeks. By July, he reported that his PSA dropped 62% down to 42 in 4 weeks, urination was normal again. He also began taking Nexrutine, a natural Cox-2 inhibitor for pain, he noticed that the Nexrutine, PC Plus and this program combo provided great results.

By July 12, 2002, he noticed that RBC count was up to 42, the highest it has been in several months.

By the fall of 2002, he noticed that he began to lose excess weight. His PSA remained at 12.6 from August through September 2002.

By January 2003, John noted that his PSA was down to 5.1 and reported feeling great and continued taking the program and the PC Plus. In March and April 2003, he started to experience frequent diarrhea, continued for several weeks. We are not sure if it was a viral or bacterial infection. His PSA was 3.44 in April 2003, he was working outside and started to do normal yard work. We are waiting for an update.

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