Prostate Cancer


Hi to all,

Although I have been following the List for many months, this is my first post.

I will be 60 years old in 2 months.

History......1981 diagnosis: Lymphoma. Tumor in neck. Had surgery and localized radiation in neck. Cancer never came back there. However.....19 years later....

Jan 2000 diagnosis PCa PSA 6.7 Gleason 3+3

Decided to only try alternative protocols. Never had any mainstream treatment for the prostate cancer.

Did PC-Spes 6/day from Feb 2000 to July 2001. It lowered my PSA to under 1 but I had all of the bad side effects (low sex drive, swollen breasts and 2 blood clots in my legs).

July 2001 to Sept 28th, 2001, tried GCP 6/day. PSA when up to 4.1 but side effects from PC-Spes diminished. Sex drive began to return somewhat, breasts began to shrink and no clots.

Sept 28, 2001, began my nutritional program at full amount. No other treatment at all.

Jan 4, 2002, PSA up to 5.1 (up 1 point since on my nutritional program)

April 16, 2002 PSA 4.0. (A drop of 1.1.) This is with no other vitamins, exercise, special diet or what have you.

It was after about 3 months on the nutritional program that I began to feel a much better sense of well being. Sex drive better now than in the last 20 years. Energy much better than the last 20 years.

Interesting note and theory: Fred says my cancer in 1981 was probably related to the prostrate cancer 19 years later in that my body's balance has a tendency to be off now and again. For my body, when it's off, I seem to get some sort of cancer. Other folks may get some other kind of disease. The nutritional program works to get it back in balance. Once it is back in balance, cancer and other diseases can't exist. That's why the nutritional program can help with all sorts of maladies. This is my own simplified explanation.

I am so excited (and relieved) at the latest PSA reversal that I wanted to be sure to share.


Update: May 2003 - stable, doing great.

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