Prostate Cancer


NOTE: MNT refers to Metabolic Nutritional Therapy, which is a term this group used to describe our program.

Nothing spectacular, fellows; just another indication that MNT could be working for me. After just two months on the MNT protocol, I have had encouraging results with my PSA reversing direction after rising steadily for 4 months. I am on the #3 dose as I have maintained my weight at 148lbs. for the past two years.

My complete story in brief is that I was dx'd with Pca in August, 1996 at age 74, Gleason 3+3. I researched quite a bit, modified my diet, discovered PC Spes and rejected all traditional treatments. PC Spes was eminently successful, keeping my PSA between 0.5 and 1.5 for sixteen months, at which point I suffered a serious thrombosis in my left chest (thoracic outlet syndrome).

I had taken no precautions such as aspirin or Coumadin, but I also discovered that I have one hyper-coagulative blood gene, and I'm sure my age and computer posture contributed, but I ended PC Spes at that point, feeling it was partly to blame.

Thinking I had no other alternative, I scheduled seed implants and allowed my urologist to give me a hormone shot prior to the radiation. I believe that was a mistake. I wasn't told that it was a 4-month shot, and, although I had been very athletic until that point, the hormone shot drained me of so much energy and muscle that I began falling down several times, finally requiring rotator cuff surgery. I decided that, since radiation depresses the immune system and since I was so weak in all other respects, I cancelled the radiation. The hormone shot did keep my PSA at 0.9 for five straight months, during which time I began taking all the highly touted supplements available and watched my PSA climb steadily Jan. through Jul., 1999, from 0.9 to 11.3.

I then took PC-Spes at 6 caps/day for 19 days and reduced my PSA to 5.9. On August 1, 1999, I ended ALL supplements, including PC Spes and began a strict homeopathic regimen. For the next twenty months, homeopathy and diet kept my PSA between 6.0 and 7.6, which was satisfactory to me I was widowed in 1995 and around Christmas, 2000, my children introduced me to a delightful and lovely 77-year old widow, who is also a poet and who belongs to a premier country club and loves to travel. With ensuing trips to Palm Springs, Mexico, Las Vegas, Texas and Spain, it was impossible for me to adhere to the very strict diet necessary for homeopathic success, and I had to terminate homeopathy and went back on PC Spes. That was in May of 2001 when my PSA was 6.8. I tried PC Essentials at 6/day for 30 days and saw my PSA rise to 8.9. I immediately went back on PC Spes at 6/day for 20 days and brought my PSA back to 5.5. Continuing PC Spes at 3/day, my PSA continued to decline to 5.2. I was running out of PC Spes, but continued at 2/day and in August, my PSA was 4.5 when I ran out of PC Spes. Friends rescued me with a small supply, and by December 2001, my PSA was still 5.9, but I took my last PC Spes on December 26. Despite a full regimen of supplements, which I will list at the end, my PSA rose to 7.6 in January, 8.2 in Feb. and 10.0 on March 15. On February 15, I began Fred Eichhorn's MNT protocol. My PSA was 8.2 at the time. I am taking the #3 dose. By Mar. 15 my PSA had risen to 10.0, and I considered myself to be skating on thin ice. With confidence in the protocol, I continued faithfully, even though I have been in Southwest Texas for the past three months, and maintaining my preferred diet has been extremely difficult. Yesterday, April 10, I had another reading, and was extremely relieved to discover my PSA had dropped to 9.6, a small drop admittedly, but after four months of a rising PSA, I find it very encouraging. I also had a reading of 1.6 Free PSA, and someone will have to tell me the significance of that as it is the first time I have ever asked for a Free PSA test. Naturally, I am continuing MNT and will report my progress in May, but I will not have another reading until late May as I will not return to Kirkland, Washington, until then. Besides the Fred Eichhorn MNT vitamin therapy, I have also been taking the following:

Modified Citrus Pectin - 15g Ginkgo Biloba - 50mg Vitamin C - 500mg
Quercetin - 400mg Saw Palmetto - 320mg Turmeric - 800mg
CoQ10 - 30mg Selenium - 200m Juice Plus (fruit/veggie) - 1500mg Melatonin - 500mcg

I was quite apprehensive when I began the MNT, but it has turned out to be quite easy to maintain, and I have had no reaction of any kind, either at the beginning or throughout the past two months. I have managed to take all three doses every day with only two misses in the two months, in spite of eating out several times each week. I will be happy to hear any comments or questions about the protocol and hope that the others on the regimen will continue to report good results.

Glen April 2002

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