Prostate Cancer


NOTE: MNT refers to Metabolic Nutritional Therapy, which is a term this group used to describe our program

From: D To: Jennifer
Subject: JENNIFER, FRED Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 10:28:35 -0400

Morning Jennifer & Fred
Bringing you up to date about my situation. My PSA report from last Monday was / is 74. The last PSA was 23 (6 weeks ago). But we expected a spike. I know the PSA may go up even more before turning around. The urination problem has improved greatly this last week. And this last few days I have been sleeping longer between trips to the pot. Energy level is greatly improved. So I go for another PSA around 1st of June.

I am off all pharmaceutical little over 4 weeks. I didn't loose my Onco. I expected him to go ballistic when learning I'm off all medications, grin.... He is willing to track me on my MNT protocol.

For the record, I was never on PC SPES but on hormone treatment (CHB). Some dangerous stuff! Presently my hormone level is normal, the way it used to be years ago.

Jennifer, I talked to Dino the other day. We need to develop a support group for MNT folks sharing experiences, progress, & blood markers. Any folks with definite ways to communicate with them is appreciated. Dino expects to meet with Fred up Delaware area soon. Since he is closer to you all than I, maybe he & of course Mario are the folks to work with. I am more than happy to do what I can from here (Virginia).

More news from me when things develop. Conclusion at this date; everything is POSITIVE!
Warm regards to you & Fred & the crew there.....

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