Prostate Cancer


Hi Fred,

On my second visit to Dr. B's office, he was pleasantly surprised at my improvement. It appears the size of my prostate has decreased in size by about 20% and the color doppler showed 'decreased vascularity on the right side lesions' as well as the left base tumor. And no evidence of anything spreading.

He said there was no need to come back for another six months.

My question to you is what I should do about the volume of the program. I would expect you to say to continue using the full amount that I've been using, but is it really necessary? I am also using many other supplements recommended by other Drs. and organic, home cooked foods. I also get oxygen into my body primarily with aerobic exercises.

I thought you might be pleased to hear the good news.

UPDATE: 12/12/06 - As per Color Doppler testing - Stable, no evidence of cancer.

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