Prostate Cancer


Bernard, born 1931, Dx Feb. 20, 2002. Initially sought treatment for BPH to resolve frequent night-time urinary frequency. TURP performed 2/18/02 for BPH, pathology from TURP tissue, microscope examination, PC diagnosed 2/20/02.

Hormone therapy for PC began April 2, 2002, Goserelin Acetate Implant with 10-day course of Nilutamide.

On 11/13/02, PSA was 1.6, started program at full amount on 11/21/02, continued hormone therapy.

On 1/31/03. PSA was 1.3, free PSA 23%, still continuing full amount of program, feels great while on the program. In November, his doctor ordered him to stop taking the program in preparation for a hip replacement. The doctors did not understand the biomechanics of the program, and therefore, were not sure if anything negative would happen as a result. We wish we were able to show them that the program has helped many people heal better from surgery, however, we do not impose.

The surgery went uneventful, he healed quite well, resumed the program again, he immediately felt better when he started again.


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