Prostate Cancer

8 Case Studies

Advanced Prostate cancer patient failed radiation and has a history of blood clots and anemia after a lascropoth of the lymph nodes. Formerly took PC Spes and Coumadin and has not shown any other symptoms of Prostate Cancer. Has been on the program since early March. Is a vegetarian and is having difficulty with digesting the gelatin. No updates to report.
No lab results to report as of 3/26. Will be having a PSA test next week. PH averages about 7.5. His aches and pains have improved greatly.

Prostate cancer patient, failed PC Spes Has been on the prgm since late Jan.
No results to report. Is using dose 2 of the store-bought vitamins. May switch to MNT soon.

Prostate cancer patient pretreatment PSA of 5.4 Began prgm in Nov. 2001 Nov. PSA rose to 12.5
Dec. PSA rose to 15.9 after stopping PC Spes. Jan. PSA dropped to 9.9 Feb. PSA dropped to 9.3
Is scheduled for another PSA reading and free PSA next week. Reported feeling well. PH is 7. (updated 3/26/02)

Prostate cancer patient. Began on the program Feb 13, 2002, Reports feeling well but no lab results to report. Reports that he was taking the program as a preventive measure as his Prostate cancer seems to be under control. (3/26/02)

Prostate cancer patient formerly on Lupron. Reports feeling great Began program in Jan 2002
Pretreatment PSA was 64. PSA initially rose to 140.2 in Feb 2002. Feb 27, 2002 PSA was 135.9.
March PSA rose to 209. April PSA jumped to 249. Free PSA reading to follow. As of late April, Jack feels the effects of his Lupron treatments wearing off. Side effects such as hormonal effects and breast swelling are beginning to subside. He has chosen to stick with the program and will continue to watch his PSA. He reports feeling better than he has in years. Update: 6/12/02 Unknown

Prostate cancer patient. Formerly on PC Spes. Also had external beam radiation 1n 1991.
Pretreatment PSA was .6 while still taking the PC Spes. Reported dizziness at level 4. It lessened when he dropped back down to level 3. Attributed to using the store-bought version of the program. Will switch to MNT.
PSA exam results to follow. 4/8/02

Prostate cancer patient was taking Lupron injections. Has been on MNT vitamins since the beginning of March. Has seen reduction of swelling in his stomach and back pain from prior kidney problems.
Has also seen improvement in his appetite. Is still experiencing urinary blockage and difficulty urinating.

Prostate Cancer patient. Has been off of hormonal therapies for 6 mos. Reports feeling well
Lab results are to follow in April. Testosterone levels are still low and he is considering supplementing it.

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