Pancreatic Cancer

Pat's Dad


I had to write you and let you know some good news. Approximately a month and a half ago, my Dad's tumor cell count was over 6000. He just recently had it rechecked and it was 260. His doctor stated he is on his way to remission. Needless to say, I believe your program had something to do with this. I also had him on Essiac tea (2 ml per day). When he received Chemo there were many days he could not eat anything. He is getting better. He gained 6 pounds as well. Honestly, he was only able to get up to dosage 2 and could not take any more pills. Regardless, I think your program did it.

I do have a question.....what does tumor cell counts mean? I guess I could ask you a lot of questions. Thank you again. I am spreading your name and the nutritional program to others. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.


UPDATE: 3/24/02 - Pat's father had surgery, eliminated almost all of his intestines, the surgeon called it a "precaution", which caused him to no longer be able to absorb food, and could no longer eat and passed away as a result.

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