Pancreatic Cancer


Juleigh - mid 30's, had alcohol-induced pancreatitis for many years, there was no relief. The vitamins gave her instant relief and all symptoms dissipated almost immediately. Maintenance level prevented the pancreatitis attacks, depression resolved, energy increased, comprehension improved, she slept well at night.

Hi to all who know me and Hi to all who don't :o) I read postings as of a few days ago per requests from several friends I have met through this great forum. Here is yet another success story to add to the sheer excitement and the new hope of better living for someone WITH Cancer. My friend whom I work with, as many of you know, her Aunt was DX with Liver Cancer. I went back to work a short while ago, everyone wanted to know how I got better so fast, etc - my friend got her Aunt on the nutritional program that Fred Eichhorn SUGGESTS and listen to THIS one - Two days ago, her Aunt is lying in the hospital bed after under going surgery, the MD's, Oncologists are 'concerned' because she wants to go home so badly just to get BACK on the vitamins that were helping her more than any other form of conventional treatment had been doing. Well, at first, the nurses and MD's ALL wanted Fred's name and they got it. To make a long story short Nora's Aunt's MD's told her Aunt to 'go back on the vitamins, we've changed our minds.' NOW, this is living, breathing PROOF, from someone WITH Cancer right smack here in WISCONSIN that this DOES work, for her Aunt, for some other people I know from here as well. And as far as I go, even though my enzymes are ALL back to normal, tumor markers are back to a normal range and my Common Bile Duct is now normal, the Specialists STILL want to operate on me - for what purpose??? 'preventative medicine' I think he called it. Sorry, I think we have to find out WHY we are getting sick and those with Cancer, find out the root of the problem, or better yet, the seed and not just keep on cutting it out, man, find out WHY it is there in the FIRST place. Anybody with ANY comments I encourage you to EMAIL me or call me. The point is, something like what Fred has discovered and researched on HIS time, HIS money and he is offering help to those who freely ask for it, those of you who doubt should perhaps think twice before you fire off those nasty-grams. Mitch, my hubby finally posted after watching me go through the illness and watch me recover and watch me post on here since October.

Fred's PC was posted 04/04/2001 11:53 am by Mitch

I have known Fred for several months now! I will tell everyone out there this. I am not sure where my wife and I would be without him. I can tell you a few things that do not actually concern him but our medical community, you know the ones trying to help people out there.

Last October I was home on a Saturday and get a call from my wife's doctor. He tells me something is wrong on a blood test. Then call's my wife at work and when she ask's 'do you think it is cancer?' He says yes. Two days later when we go in to see him he then says he does not know what it is. Several tests, procedures etc later there are still no answers except that she has 'Something wrong with her' Her Pancreatic enzymes are so far out of whack but nobody could help. ERCP, MRCP, ultrasounds, tumor markers rising etc, etc, etc.. To make a long story short, at this point no doctor still has any answer. Even after all of that they still want to cut her. I will just say with Fred's guidance we took a different approach and she is getting better, day after day when months ago it seemed as if there were nothing positive in the near future.

Bottom line is that what Fred is doing is helping people. It is up to the people if they want his help. That is why it is a great country. We can make our own choices!!!

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