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Happy Birthday Dad! was posted 04/24/2001 01:58 am by Gail

My dear father turns the big 6-0 today.HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! A year ago, I was scared to even think ahead to what the next day may bring, let alone what a year would bring. At this time last year we were only just beginning - Dad had lost nearly 30lbs, but yet looked anorexic, had severe diarrhea, ascites, no appetite, back pain etc etc. When he had his belly tapped the first time, the dr said he suspected pc. On the net I went-I couldn't even remember what exactly the pancreas was, and I certainly had no clue of the grim prognosis. The more I read, the more I cried. How could this be happening? I had just lost my dear Mother of 53 yo to colon cancer 2 yrs ago. My Dad had always been so healthy!His whole family had lived long full lives, this just couldn't be happening. But, indeed it was! By the first part of May we had a dx of pc-Dad went to a local surgeon who referred him to a surgeon at Strong Memorial in Rochester NY( who had trained at JH)-the day my Dad has his appt there, was the first time I had ever seen my Daddy cry-and oh how that ripped my heart-my soul apart!After further tests Dad was told he wasn't operable. I had already set up an appt with an onc-we went the following week. This was when we were told Islet Cell I started my search on this type of pc. With the help of JackieK (my angel) who sent me in the right directions I came up with sandostatin and Interferon for Dad. I knew there was no way at this point he could tolerate chemo. He was confined to the wheelchair, almost in need of a walker to get to the bathroom, gave up driving (his life) He started juicing, and doing the sando/interferon shots in mid-July and Freds program in October? I think it was. It was a long bumpy road but...he has now donated the wheelchair, tossed the walker, is driving and out and about everyday, (gallavanting as he says) and feels 500% better than he did 1 yr ago.For a man who was scared to death of a needle a yr ago-he has endured the tests, the scans, the needles (at 1 point 68 shots per month just for the sando and inter) He started the glutamine in dec and has now gained back 35 lbs. He is looking like my 'Daddy' again-and I am just soooo proud of him!!! So, Happy Birthday Dad!!! and many,many more to come! I love you! Gail

UPDATE: 1/26/04 - We do not know status, we have not heard anything good nor bad in quite some time.

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